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Hello, To All My Spirits Of Lights. Kat Von D Makeup & Hot Red Lips Tutorial. I Love Hot Red Lip Stick. It Just Make You Feel So Beautiful And Sexy. I Have A New Hair Due And I Hope You Like It. Today I Am Trying Out The Kat Von D Makeup Foundation. My Skin Is A Little Irritated Today So I Am Using The L'oreal Youth Code. In This Video I Will Be Whispering About My Rude Neighbor. I Attempt To Put On Eyelashes Once More. I Am Using The Anastasia Kit And Eyebrow Gel, Scandaleyes Mascara & Eye Liner, Kate Lip Stick, Mac Blush, Klean Eye Liner, Forever Eyeshadow, Icon Eyeshadow, Missy Lynn Highlighter, And Naked Eye Shadows. In This Makeup Tutorial Video You Will Here Ear To Ear Whispers, Tapping, Some Mouth Sounds, Mindful Moments, Real Techniques Makeup & Hair Brushes & Pops. Please Use Your Headphones For The Best Experience. Thanks For Watching. Subscribe! Enjoy!

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I Will uploading Frequently so you can have Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner or Snack time with me . Sometimes , It will be the distinct noise of just chewing & Sometimes , It will be me chewing & Also telling you about my day . You can also look forwarded to me reading my favorite books as bed time stories.
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Why do you whisper? My videos are intended to relax, induce sleep, or create ASMR.
What does ASMR mean? Autonomous sensory meridian response; it is characterized as a distinct, pleasurable tingling sensation in the head, scalp, back, or peripheral regions of the body in response to visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, or cognitive stimuli.
What camera do you use? Samsung NX Mini
What mic do you use? I now have The Blue Yeti Microphone
What do you do for work? Florist ( I Love Fresh flowers)
Where do you live? In Houston TX, U.S.A.
How old are you? 45
Will you ever speak in your normal voice? Yes
Will you ever show your entire face? Yes/Most Times
What is your ethnicity? Black , African American
Makeup Tutorial ASMR Whispers

D o You Have ASMR? The feeling of ASMR is triggered by a number of different stimuli, and the effective ASMR triggers can differ from person to person. Some common triggers include:
The sound of lips smacking, such as when eating.
Slow or soft speech patterns. Whispering, too.
Receiving personal attention from someone, such as having your hair done, having your make-up done, receiving an eye exam, receiving a massage, etc.
Having someone play with your hair.
Certain sounds may trigger the effect, like fire crackling, paper scratching, white noise, running water, etc.
Watching someone who is performing a meticulous task, like fixing an electronic, working origami, making tea, etc.

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