ASMR: 29 Minutes Lollipops, Gloves, & Whispers

Published 4 years ago

Hello my Frozen Dreamers! I've brought to you 29 ASMR Minutes: I enjoy my lollipops with my purple cleaning gloves (latex/rubberish material), while whispering (note: there are crinkles from the wrappers). I don't know how relaxing this is, but it might be entertaining if nothing else. My cats are professional interrupters. This is possibly aggressive for some, especially the whispers and glove sounds.

I do not know what sort of crazy comments I will get for my own body, but I will tell you I have some pretty crappy allergies.

Some videos featuring mouth sounds:
Blowing Big Bubbles, Loud Pops:
Kissing Your Ears:
Tingle Twins Mouth Sounds:
Wet Ear Licking:
Up Close Mouth Sounds:
150 minutes rude omnomnom:
23 Minutes Slow Ear Licking:
72 Minutes Rude Wet Ear Licking:
Other Wet Sounds:
31 Minutes of Sloppy Vaseline:
Other Ear Attention:
33 Minutes Ear Cupping, Breathing, Whispering:
30 minutes Ear Massage:
27 Minutes of Ear Nibbles:

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ASMR is also called АСМР (in Russian) or 音フェチ (in Japanese). I utilize a 3Dio for ear to ear sound in my midnight freeze releases. This will (probably) give you tingles. This video contains no ads. Please wear headphones. This (maybe) relaxing video may help those with insomnia and sleep problems, even if those people do not experience or are immune to ASMR. The camera is Up close. Enjoy some Freshly Frozen Tingles!


lollipops gloves whispers 29 minutes purple lavender violet cleaning latex rubber whispering crinkles 音フェチ ear to ear midnight freeze frozen dreamers freshly frozen tingles up close insomnia sleep problems wear headphones relaxing no ads dreamsiclesasmr aggressive asmr 3Dio

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