Intense, ear to ear close up ear eating mouth sounds, omnomnom & kisses - ASMR

Published 4 years ago

Hey guys! Rini here! Long time no see! I'm super sorry for such a delayed video. It's been literal months! I'll talk more about what's happened in my life later on in the description and in the comment section! Feel free to have a read! :)

In this video, I present to you:
- Close up mouth sounds (maybe too close....)
- Omnomnom
- Kiss sounds
- Mouth cupping

"I liked a certain sound in a preferred ear" -
I understand people have different preferences. Personally, I only get triggered via left eat but not everyone is the same. So I flipped the audio in the second half (at least I think I did)! Don't worry if you liked a certain sound and it only played in the non-preferred ear, you will hear it later on.

What's been happening in my life? Why haven't I been posting?

Hello all! I'm super sorry about this months long hiatus! 2017 just isn't my year! First I get into a car crash and get unusual prolonged whiplash from it. Then I lost my car in the crash since they crashed into me so bad it was no longer driveable or fixable. So I had to get another car - which drained all my money. Then I tore my MCL playing sport, which was my only activity keeping me sane during uni. Another month later, I didn't wait long enough for my knee to heal so I tore my ACL as well and had to use crutches lol. I may be in need of surgery for my knee. Then in addition to all that, my ex who I broke up with last year had given me a good punch to the face because I was interested in someone else. Crazy chain of bad luck... I haven't been feeling too positive because of this but now I'm feeling up to making videos again, but please understand it won't be as frequent as I'd like to. Not to mention university is killing me V.V Thanks for understanding and I've been reading all the comments and email you've been sending and you are all just lovely!! I love you all x

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