ASMR Measurement Taking & Leather Sounds | GemmaTeller's Custom Leather Jacket Shop (SOA) Role Play

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Published 4 years ago

Hi beautiful friends :)
Welcome to Gemma Teller's Custom Leather Jacket Shop!
This is a measurement taking role play that is filled with lots of tingly sounds for your enjoyment and relaxation!
Triggers in this video:
-softly spoken
-close up ear to ear whispers
-leather sounds from my famous leather jacket
-typing sounds
-book and writing sounds
-fabric sounds
AND yes of course...measurement taking sounds with my famous measuring tape!
PLEASE NOTE: Sadly for some reason my zoom recorder stopped recording during the last quarter of the video! Ugh!! So from time stamp 18:27 camera mic only. So sorry! :( I realised this way after I had finished recording and I was way too tired to set everything up to record over again. I still hope you find this effective for tingles and relaxation.
0:00 - 18:27 Binaural
18:28 - end Camera Mic (Stereo)
Thanks for watching and enjoy!


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