ASMR Perfectionist Photoshoot Grooming | Hair, Makeup, Clothes, Fixing, Finishing Touches @ivybasmr

Published 2 weeks ago

In this video, I prepare @ivybasmr for an immaculate photoshoot for her professional portfolio. Brain numbing tingles with casual soft-spoken conversation in the background

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00:00 hair combing, detangling
11:10 wax brushing
12:59 frizz smoothing
13:37 up-brushing
14:49 oil absorbing paper
17:14 lint roller
20:38 lint paper
21:44 hand lotion
23:10 tweezers clicking
24:17 face roller
27:28 hairspray
28:07 hair arranging
30:31 finishing powder
31:40 wax
32:40 lip gloss
34:10 outro

#asmr #makeup #tingles #relax #relaxing #getreadywithme

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