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Published 5 years ago

Re-uploading the video because YouTube decided to demonetise it for no reason! Yay! :)


Today's video is brought to you by a fellow Wonderlander, Siertes!!!!
He actually came up with this INCREDIBLE "ASMNoir" concept.... and also the LINES! Isn't he amazing!??? The entire idea is his own!!!!

The concept:
The city has been stricken by a phenomenon called "ASMR" - leaving thousands of citizens falling asleep in random places. Your best friend has been taken by the ASMR as well. So you go to the city's best private detective, Detective White, to help you solve their case. You bring with you a few objects that you noticed your friend taking a liking to. You ask the detective to use them on yourself so you can show them ASMR taking effect in real life. It's all to help solve the case! Or maybe.... maybe... you have a hidden agenda yourself....

Hope you enjoy this one!!
Once again, a BIG BIG thank you to SIERTES for coming up with such a bomb concept!!!!



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