Whispering Mandalas #1 - "Beginnings" - Drawing for ASMR, Relaxation and Sleep

Ephemeral Rift
Published 10 years ago

Welcome to the first in an ongoing series where I will be creating various mandalas while whispering. Not only do I hope to provide some relaxation, visual stimulation and possibly induce ASMR through whispering and the pencil sounds, but this series will primarily serve as a tutorial on how to create different mandalas while providing encouragement and hopefully inspiration to those who either cannot draw, are beginners, or who never even heard of a mandala, so that they can take up this wonderful art too. It's relaxing, calming and even spiritual and meditative.

I'm not an expert at creating mandalas as you can clearly see, as this is only my 3rd or so complete mandala that I've ever drawn. However, if I can create them, and if you can hold a pencil and draw a circle or a line, then you can too. And you'll find how easy it is to create something so beautiful and rewarding.

I hope you enjoy.


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