ASMR - Latin American Objects Show & Tell (Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Chile...)

The French Whisperer ASMR
Published 8 years ago

Hey guys,
I take you to Latin America today, hope you will like this little show & Tell.

THE POLL IS NOW CLOSED. There were 97 votes and F (Minecraft) won with 38%, followed by E (18%) and D (16.5%). A got 12%, B 11% and C 4.5%. Thanks a lot for your participation!

Here are the topics you can vote for and I will quickly record the winner after the poll is closed on 03/25/14. Everybody willing to participate gets 1 vote, that I split if you chose several options.

A - History of the Aztecs (History)
B - Journey to Saturn (Astronomy)
C- Le déjeuner sur l'herbe ("the Luncheon on the Grass") by Edouard Manet (Art)
D- What is Liberty? (Philosophy)
E- Sea Monsters of the Jurassic (Paleontology)
F- Tour of the Imperial City in Minecraft* (Video Games)

* you are going to find me insane, especially if you ever played Minecraft, but before I started this channel one of my previous little hobbies was to build this city that we created with my brother (I like architecture and building things). The project is now asleep, but you may have come across pictures of it if you are into Minecraft, as it is quite popular on Planet Minecraft and as been used on various servers and let's play videos: .
The subject of this video would be to take you to a little tour of my buildings, tell you how they were made, and by what they were inspired. You can see more videos of the city on my other youtube channel:


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