💓ASMR Neck Touching & Heartbeat Sound

Maple ASMR
Published 4 years ago

❀ Touching my neck, face, shoulders, lips, hair etc and touching your face as well combined with heartbeat sound ^-^ Neck touching and heartbeat sound were 2 videos often requested and I thought combining them together was a good idea :p
***I wanted to use my own heartbeat, I recorded it, but it's so quiet that the static was very overpowering. I attempted to suppress the static, but that dampened and modified the heartbeats as well. That's why I didn't use my own heartbeat, for everyone commenting.

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When I first watched the video combined with the audio I thought it looked kinda creepy, like some sort of ritual video lol
But it went away quickly and I think it's a nice video xP What do you think?

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╭☆╯Thank you for watching, ╰☆╮
♥ ♡ Lots of love, Maple ♡ ♥


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