ASMR Bubblegum Chewing🍇🍇🍇,🍬Whispering and Blowing Bubbles🌬 Up Close

Published 3 years ago

🍬Hello everyone,🍬🍇 welcome back once more to Jessica ASMR! In today's episode we will be doing an ASMR Bubblegum Chewing, Whispering, and Blowing Bubbles Up Close.🌬🍇🍬

🍇🍬🍬I love gum, in this one we will be chewing and blowing grape bubble gum bubbles! Yes, so much fun. I hope you all enjoy the soft relaxing gum sounds and whispering! Thanks for your continued love and support. You guys are the best!🍬🍬

- J


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