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Lovely asmr S
Published 4 years ago

*DISCLAIMER*: if you do not like eating sounds/ eating videos then I suggest you do not watch this video! 💥Watching at own risk💥. I make eating sounds for relaxation and for tingles. I am not a professional, I do this for the fun and relaxation for my subscribers that are dealing with anxiety and with sleeping problems. If you have problems sleeping I can not help your problems. But I’ll do my best to make you fall asleep. Alright, so in today’s video I’ll be eating some delicious McDonald’s. I’m very excited, I hope you are as well. So I got myself: a triple cheeseburger with extra cheese and extra bacon, 3 pieces of chicken strips, and some delicious French fries 😁. I’m not sure what the total price was including the Apple juice. But it was really tasty.

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