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Karuna Satori ASMR
Published 4 years ago

The past few months I have been mentioning about my dental issues in my videos here and there. I first paid $675 out of pocket from savings to fix what started as an upper root canal, turning into an abscess and now needing pulled to be replaced with a bridge. This together will be 1200, not including visits. My insurance is low, and covers fillings and pulls only. I am from the US, the absolute WORST place in the world for healthcare. I also have four front lower teeth, completely dead and full of infection to the point it ate at my bone (check photo in video, proof of all this). In order to order the smaller partial (my teeth will need it, the bone loss will leave no room to hold the teeth), I must put down for that, and that still doesn't cover my back molar. Now my back molar is broken, in which I'll post a photo of here in the description below. That molar has an abcess, but isn't as dramatic. Having that fixed will cost me, but nothing sinister like my four front teeth. This infection is becoming a big issue, if I sleep on my side, I'll wake up with that entire side swollen with mucus and lymph nodes. To be frank I am tired of this. I am tired of worrying it will get into my blood stream and spread to my brain (unless it already has due to the elsewhere swelling.)(which is rare though).

I decided to try and raise the money taking on personalized videos. I have a decent amount of offers, and if I can't raise enough orders by Wednesday, I am going to have to live with this infection another month. What does this have to do with all of you? Absolutely fucking nothing ahah. I KNOW my place as a YouTuber. I don't work a 9-5 like all of you. Making videos daily isn't the easiest job, but it IS easy. I love what I do. I love my family, I love how far we have come as people, how I've been with so many of you since day one and am still meeting all of you daily. It's incredible. But I never thought of prepared for things like this. This is life. I make enough to secure my kids, food, clothing, a comfortable life. But "developing issues" turning into emergencies.. I wasn't prepared for.

My channel content will always be free. Always. I do offer Patreon, in which you can pay $1 monthly to get four "adult" audio videos a month. Many of you have chose to join, and that is awesome. For those who can't, that's fine. Maybe that's a good thing.

I am going to keep offering to take up personalized videos until Tuesday. I'm scared, I don't usually talk like that, but I am. I'm scared waking up swelling like this. I am scared of having my teeth removed and not being replaced. I am scared.

If you would like to donate to my Patreon, it's:

if you would like to donate in general, my PayPal is:
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And if you would like to book a personalized video, please email me on the same email as PayPal,
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I am turning off the comments for this video until Tuesday. I am scared, I am feeling low, and I am taking on a lot. I am an example of not having a real 9-5 job. I am the example of the person who decided to take on an insecure job, and making a fool of myself asking for help. I am an example of all the videos you see on YouTube of people puttin down people like me. This proves YouTube can be a full time job, but not a secure one. I am just scared. I love you guys with all of my person, and I will see you all Tuesday.

For those who have ordered a video, your videos will be delivered at the time promised.

Photo of broken molar: http://i63.tinypic.com/54iyw5.jpg


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