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Published 2 weeks ago

hi 🤍 i hope you’re okay! didn’t talk much in this video because i 1) figured last video was more whispery and 2) it was super calming to film a quiet video! not to bring the mood down, but my grandpa passed away this weekend. i don’t think ill ever be the same, he was a 2nd father to me, so filming asmr may be tough for a bit! this was filmed after the fact & it helped me clear my mind, but everyday so far has been different! so if anything ill maybe do a compilation video of different past videos like my intro compilation or mic triggers compilation ~ not sure ~ but wanted to be transparent , but also i was in good spirits while filming this!!!! i never ever film in a bad mood! it really relaxed me to make this lil vid🤍 love you thank you! ill heal over time! he knew about my channel & was really proud despite not quite fully understanding asmr LOL he was the best & he would want me to be strong ~ if you’re going through something similar or in a rut , i hope things get better , we got this ❤️‍🩹

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