[ASMR] Cooking With Gibi - Part 4! (Vegetarian)

Published 4 years ago

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I hope you all enjoy this delicious prep of a Roasted Cauliflower Salad!!

0:00 Intro, chat, recipe showcase
4:18 Chopping Cauliflower (very poorly...)
7:47 Going Through Knick Knacks

(No voiceover/pure sounds portion)
9:48 Chopping Shallot
11:52 Chopping Garlic
13:50 Separating/Chopping Kale
15:08 Lemon! (Zesting, slicing)

(back to voiceover!)
18:00 Prepping cook pan!
20:07 Toasting breadcrumbs + Storytime
23:38 Sizzle sizzle time!
27:48 Plating the dish
28:41 Outro! Thank you!

Shoutout to my aunt for letting me film in her legit kitchen LOL

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