Intuitive Reiki Healing Session to Open Heart/Chakras❤️ ft. Donalovehair

Ocean Heart
Published 4 years ago

Special thanks to Donalovehair for this gorgeous bright red wig! I feel like the little mermaid! :)

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Hello dear hearts! In this session my loving intention is to open your chakras in order to increase vital life force energy! I explain more in depth how I send Reiki intuitively and how I use my hands as a guide (almost like a pendulum) in order to provide detail on what is happening energetically and what you are specifically in need of clearing and rebalancing in the moment. It's my deepest passion to share this energy with others and to remind you that nothing is ever worth closing your heart over! I end our session with the singing pyramid and ahhh sounds/singing.

Love forever,


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I am a certified Reiki Level II practitioner and intuitive energy healer who truly believes in the natural health benefits of ASMR, the unconditionally loving bond it facilitates through connecting to one another, as well as the development of future ASMR communication technology to support sensitive children and autistic individuals. I appreciate any and all support offered at this time.


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