ASMR Hairdressing Salon Role play / Haircut Role Play & Shaving By Trimmer (ENG, Soft Spoken)

Published 7 years ago


In this video I'm going to change you hairstyle for the premiere. You are a famous TV-star and you need to change your look to amuse the public. I'll help you with that!

I'm using water spray to make a brushing easily. I have two different brushes to gently comb your hair. I also use three different pairs of scissors to cut your hair and make a unique look. After this I use the trimmer (light version of it, because I don't want to annoy you with too loud noises). At the end of this video I do a pleasant head massage with oil to make you relax, complete your look and, of course, give you a lot of tingles!

I made sounds of NATURAL HAIR trimming. I hope it sounds good.

00:00 - 00:40 - Soft speaking
00.40 - 01:05 - Touching your hair
01:05 - 01:50 - Soft speaking
01:50 - 02:07 - Water spray
02:12 - 04:00 - Brushing
04:27 - 09:15 - Cutting your hair
09:16 - 09:40 - Brushing
10:09 - 10:26 - Camera and Microphone brushing with comb
10:27 - 12:10 - Trimmer
12:40 - 13:06 - Tapping on the oil bottle
13:09 - 14:30 - Head massage
14:30 - 15:00 - Brushing your hair


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