ASMRtist Addiction #2 – ASMRtist Shoutouts

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Published 2 years ago

Good evening, y'all! We're back with another shoutout video with 5 new ASMRtists for you to check out. The last video was pretty damn successful in my opinion, a lot of you subbed to the people I featured, which I appreciate fiercely! If you wanna drop 'em a comment & tell them Calliope sent you, you can, but I think I'm going to keep it a secret from them personally :)

I talked about my channel progenitor, Articulate Design ASMR, check him at:

1. Traveller ASMR (
2. Shadow Gear Audio (
3. ASMR Adorkable (
4. bubbledust ASMR (
5. ASMRichard Betancourt (

Thanks for all the love, thanks for all the support of our fellow community. Hope to see y'all next week :)

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