3D Binaural Interior Design Consultation ASMR Role Play For Relaxation (Can you guess who you are?)

Heather Feather ASMR
Published 8 years ago

Hello everyone! This ASMR video features typing, carpet scratching, laminate/wood flooring and plastic counter top samples tapping/scratching, soft speaking, and some blowing in your ears/mic. Usually I do role plays where I keep the viewer's identity very vague so that everyone can relate---but this time I did this with you as a very specific character in mind. This video is a little tribute to the first video game franchise I ever played (and still love)---I am hoping some of you can gather who you are while being triggered---if not, I hope to just trigger you and make you smile. I had to contend with summer crickets and thunder in this video, so I hope it serves to enhance the relaxation potential of the video (instead of hinder it). Happy Viewing!

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Microphone I use: Free Space Pro - Binaural Microphone

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