ASMR - History of Witchcraft

The French Whisperer ASMR
Published 8 years ago

Hey guys,
in this video, I talk about witchcraft - not as an occult practice, but from a historical prospective. I comment on how witchcraft has progressively gained, then lost, its subversive image in the Western World, from a period when it was feared by most of the population, to present time when witches shown in the media are seen more positively and often as a metaphor for persecuted minorities. Many witches depicted in novels, movies and tv shows today have lost most of their maliciousness (but what they have lost in nastiness, they have gained in breast, shiny hair and pretty faces, so who is complaining?). Interestingly, the Western tradition associates mainly women with witchcraft, does this come from the Christian tradition or other cultural specificities? Things are different in other parts of the world, for example in Africa where mainly men are accused of being witches. Sadly, it should also be noted that people in various parts of the world continue to be lynched based on their alleged practice of witchcraft.


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