ASMR 4 Pokemon Card Pack Opening, Tons of Crinkles, Tapping, 2 Unboxings

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Published 2 years ago

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Hey, everyone! So today I decided to open two boxes: first, the Lucky Box by Arc Knight, filled with Pokemon-related items, and second, Bump Box, a pregnancy related box that caters to your specific stage in pregnancy. I am not being paid to bring you either box, so I hope you will enjoy what I have chosen to show you today! I will put information for both boxes below in case you have any interest in them. I definitely personally recommend the Lucky Box because it is very personalized to what YOU like! The Bump Box was super cool, but I think they are more standard, meaning everyone gets the same thing at each specific stage. Still a neat pick!

I hope you enjoy this video! It's very much a longer ramble, but it's been a while since I've had a longer blah blah blah type of video, haha. See you in the next one, and soon! - Use the code "Skyship Altaria" to get a free surprise bag with your order!


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