Whisper ASMR Kissing Sounds & Back Scratching Soft Spoken Girlfriend Roleplay (ASMR Sleep Aid)

Skye Vibes Audio
Published 4 years ago

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"Yeah....*giggles...you like my back scratches? ...Yes, of course I'll scratch your back for you. I love you baby...*asmr kisses...okay...let me scratch your back for you. Mhhhmmmm...well, the easiest way for me to scratch your back is for you to give me a hug...you want a kiss first? *giggles...okay...*kissing sounds followed by back scratching..."

Good afternoon guys, I hope you're all having an amazing day! I posted a new audio a few weeks back that I thought could use some fixing up. A nice, relaxing ASMR back scratching audio, with tons of extra scratching sounds, intense, sweet kisses, and tons of your favorite ASMR sleep triggers including ear to ear gentle whispering, and soft spoken roleplay all set an ambient fireplace and thunderstorm soundscape! 🤗I hope you enjoy it!

And I'll have more new audios for you again really soon, so be on the lookout!


Whisper ASMR Kissing Sounds & Back Scratching Soft Spoken Girlfriend Roleplay (ASMR Sleep Aid) (Gentle Whispering) (ASMR Sleep Aid) (Soft Spoken ASMR) (ASMR Kissing Sounds)

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