Self Soothing Session | Close Personal Attention and Positive Affirmations

Published 4 years ago

(*.*)/ Let me tell you how much you mean to me. Come closer... let me whisper in your ear. Say the things you long to hear. I believe in you.
|||| This video goes in a slightly different flow, with a purpose to help you come back up from a low- a bad place. Hopefully this video helps to revitalize your spirit, and encourage your own peace making skills. ||| Notice-- I start to play with slime at 20:00, it gets slightly loud with crunchy slime :) ||| Filmed with a lovely Canon EF 50mm 1:1.8 II -- so let the soft focus and clarity shift and take you away. And for those of you who think I don't look my age, maybe this will convince you? Lol


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