The Witch Saoirse | Cleansing Your Aura, Your Energy, & Casting a Spell| ASMR Magic RP

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Published 4 years ago

Good evening, my loves. The Witch Saoirse has not seen you for a while, but here you are again at her humble abode! I will pluck the negativity from your energy, bless you with some water from the solar eclipse and give you a gift of my appreciation, all so that you can begin your journey on finding your true self. Triggers include tapping, soft speaking, water sounds, and match & candle lighting.

I was super surprised that my hair turned out so cool, so I came up with all this within five minutes simply because I was screwing around with my hair that was super kinked and curly from work! Probably the coolest I've ever looked, honestly, haha.

By the by, I am releasing this on my birthday as a present to my lovely viewers, thank you for the lovely year you have given me so far. It makes for a good 20th birthday present for myself :)

Requests: I am no longer taking requests because I felt that most of the requests were beyond my scope of doing based on my equipment and set up, so while I enjoy all your ideas, I'm not going to take requests because I do not want to let anyone down :)
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