The ASMR Tag {25 Question CHALLENGE} ~ Soft Spoken Q&A (4K)

ASMR Destiny
Published 5 years ago

Hello Tinglers! I was tagged by CrinkleLovin ASMR to do the ASMR Tag thing started by Gibi ASMR so sit back and relax as you get to know me a bit better ok? If you are new to my channel, please hit that SUBSCRIBE button - thank you so much!

Videos I reference:
-The Story of ASMR Destiny Part 1 (The Past):
-The Story of ASMR Destiny Part 2 (The Present):
-The Story of ASMR Destiny Part 3 (The Future):
-Bladerunner 2049 ASMR:

01) When was the first time you experienced ASMR? 1:35
02) When was the first time you watched ASMR on Youtube? 3:40
03) What's your favorite unintentional ASMR video? 5:10
04) Name the last five ASMRtists that you watched. 6:27
05) What is your favorite ASMR trigger to listen to? 9:20
06) What is your least favorite trigger to listen to? 10:43
07) Do you use ASMR to relax or fall asleep? 12:11
08) What is your bedtime routine? 13:06
09) What is your favorite trigger to do? 16:29
10) What is your least favorite trigger to do? 18:40
11) How long does it take you to make a video? 19:25
12) Have you ever gotten tingles from your own videos? 23:16
13) Do you watch your own videos? 23:55
14) What software do you use to edit? 24:21
15) What time of the day do you film? 26:35
16) What is your favorite video that you've made? 27:17
17) Have one of your videos had an unexpected negative fan reaction? 28:30
18) What videos of yours, do you think, didn't get the love it deserved? 31:24
19) What's something the audience doesn't know about the behind the scenes of your channel? 32:12
20) What's the most absurd request you received from a fan? 33:06
21) Do your family and friends know you make ASMR videos? 35:09
22) Have you ever been recognized in public? 35:52
23) What inspires your video ideas? 36:30
24) Where do you find yourself spending the most time online? 38:48
25) What advice would you give someone who wanted to make their own ASMR content. 42:10

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🗣 The MISSION of ASMR Destiny 🗣
▪ Create calm, peace and tranquility throughout the world through the relaxing power of sound.
▪ Be a public advocate, educator, and responsible representative of ASMR.
▪ Create and produce state-of-the-art ASMR-inducing content.
▪ Assist people that experience issues with relaxation, sleep, headaches and concentration via my content.

❓ What IS ASMR? ❓
Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is a physical sensation characterized by a pleasurable tingling that typically begins in the head and scalp, and often moves down the spine and through the limbs. The feeling can be triggered by listening/viewing videos with soft sounds, whispering and close-up movements and feels quite good!

👏 Common ASMR triggers👏
Whispering, head massage, ear cleaning, watching hand movements, watching light, watching a person talk, listening to someone paint, personal attention, soft spoken, videos, tapping sounds, scratching, layered, crinkles, haircut, spray bottle sounds, painting sounds, twin asmr ear cleaning, reiki energy healing, reiki hand movements


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