ASMR PS1 games tapping + whispering part 3

Catplant ASMR
Published 4 years ago

The tent has returned! Thank you guys for watching this, sorry about any disruptive noise, I tried editing some of it out, thankfully the pouring rain didn't enter the video. P.s I re-uploaded. Thanks for watching *muah*

Secondly, i'm probably going to do a horror ASMR gameplay video for Halloween- so if you have any suggestions on a game, let me know! :)

Here is a Twitchtv Speedrunner, and currently one of my favorite streamers and he reminds me of Charlie Day, follow:

Also, I am on twitch here so feel free to come by!
my twitch:

Thanks for watching and I appreciate all the wonderful comments, i'd really like to do a live youtube ASMR to answer ya'lls questions sometime. ^__^

Peace out xoxo Catplant


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