ASMR - SkSk & Omnomnom (Multilayered, Ear to Ear, Sk & Om Nom Nom Mouth Sounds)

Ricky Odriosola ASMR
Published 7 years ago

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0:54 - Omnomnom
9:32 - SkSkSk
18:00 - Combination of both sounds

I think almost every ASMRtist has one of these videos and now it's my turn, ha! I love both of these triggers but Omnomnom is my favorite. I like me some nice wet mouth sounds. Also I wish I was a pizza... ;D

**This video includes Heather Feather's famous Sk sounds and my personal favorite mouth sounds, Omnomnom. It's all layered so you get multiple sounds coming at you from every direction. Binaural for the win! Remember to wear headphones.**

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*Note: My camera battery died in the middle of filming so I decided to just keep my face for the intro... Sorry lol
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