ASMR Mukbang/Eating Sounds 🍨 Cauliflower Ice Cream?? 🍨

HunniBee ASMR
Published 3 years ago

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Here’s a little ice cream mukbang for you all since I’ve been getting tons of requests for more eating videos! Which is totally fine by me lol I literally love doing them 😂😏 In this video I show you how I made it and also include the macros & calories for the whole thing. Guys it is seriously AMAZING and secret ingredient is frozen cauliflower 😳 like wuuuuut, who knew 😂 there’s no cauliflower tastes whatsoever and it’s seriously SO THIC lmao. Remember when you would go to DQ and they would flip your blizzard upside down? lol I actually do that in this video 😂😂😂 so tic mahn

Triggers: soft eating soft, slurping, little crunch noises, licking, whispering




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