ASMR *Mouth Sounds* TicoTico, Tap, Zac, TrTr, Point, Sk, Stipple, Tongue Clicking || Visual Triggers

Chiara ASMR
Published 3 years ago

Triggers you will find: soft whispering at the beginning, tongue clicking, hand movements, brushing camera, visual triggers, zac, tap, ticotico, point, stipple, sksk, trtr

Hi everyone! Finally another video of UNUSUAL MOUTH SOUNDS! You requested me this video a lot, so here we are! When we will reach ➡6000 LIKES⬅ i will make another one like this!!
p.s. i'm so happy that ticotico (with my combined hand movements) had so much success after my first unusual mouth sound, but i hope that mine will be still your favorite ;)

My other two videos like this :

Nail Polish : 24 Indian summer (essence gel effect)

I'm always searching the best equipment, you can help me here :

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Thank you for joining me :)
Grazie di avermi tenuto compagnia :)

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