Ear to ear VERY close up mouth sounds #2 (+ Tapping)

Published 3 years ago

Hey guys! It's Rini here This is part 2 of mouth sounds! Mouth sounds has to be one one of my favourite triggers! *A* Sorry if the audio is too loud! The previous video's audio kept fluctuating and I had to turn it down altogether so it wouldn't be too loud and it ended up being too quiet... (Good job, me). Anyways in this video, I didn't turn the audio down but the buzzing sound is much more audible now ... (Fate loves me, huh...) Hopefully you guys enjoy the video anyways!

In this video, I present to you:
- Intro (0:00 - 0:26)
- Mouth sounds (0:26 - 1:05)
- Mouth sounds w/ tapping (1:05 - 2:09)
- Ear licking (2:09 - 2:56)
- Ear licking w/ tapping (2:56 - 4:30)
- Omnomnom (4:31 - 5:04)
- Omnomnom w/ tapping (5:04 - 6:34)
- Layered (6:34 - 11:39)
- Outro (11:39 - 12:09)

Sorry for the random painting! I couldn't find my phone to take a picture so I just grabbed whatever I could find as a picture because I didn't want to use the same pic as the last video twice!

Some of the tapping is random. Other times, I tapped the rhythm of certain songs! Can you guess what songs?? ^_^

If you're wondering why the video is short:
1. I am still experimenting
2. It's summer and I would die without the fan on. I cannot record while the fan is on because it would be too loud.
3. I don't have a binaural microphone, it's mono, so I am having to spend a lot of time editing audio rather than recording.

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Thanks for watching! Later!


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