Green Gloves ASMR | Oddly Satisfying Brain Massage (4K)

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Published 4 years ago

Hi everyone! The green gloves are back for this new ASMR video recorded with the Tascam. As you are going to see, I've used them to create some trigger sounds as regular gloves but also on top of the Tascam. The sound it created is both satisfying and relaxing, as you feel like you are under water. While I was taking the video, I made some experiment. What if I run the pencils on it?, I thought. Oh, that is relaxing! And while I was editing the video, I thought that it was also visually satisfying, like two pencils dancing in the dark. Anyway, maybe that some of today's triggers will be new for you. The pencils dancing on green gloves are for sure.

Also, I have never used the word "Brain Massage" in any video title, but for several part of this video, it really feels like you are getting a brain massage, so here it is, my first "brain massage asmr" video. I hope it brings you tingles, relaxation and sleep!

Timestamp (This is a long video by the way, almost one hour :D):
00:00 Preview
02:10 Getting the Tascam submarine ready
02:19 Pencils gently touching the gloves
04:13 Pencils going from left to right (gentle scratching)
05:12 Pencils going from left to right (gentle touching)
07:52 Pencils from bottom to top (gentle scratching)
09:07 Tapping slowly on gloves with pencils
09:39 Another type of scratching (in the back)
10:51 Tennis table ball rolling slowly on the top of your head
12:32 Two balls for two ears massage
13:36 Massaging your head through the gloves
15:15 Second type of massage (better than the first one)
18:46 The strongest part of the video. Skip it.
21:37 The gloves going up and down slowly
24:15 Head massage with top of gloves
26:50 Finally putting the first glove and bringing the tingles!
29:24 Two gloves are on. Big tingles are coming.
30:47 Gloves sounds and hands movements
31:54 Touching the mic with all of the gloves fingers (there are a lot!)
34:40 Touching the tennis table balls with gloves (sounds like tapping)
35:15 Gloves scratching on cork mat (that sounds nice)
36:25 The cork mat is in good hands, your ears too
38:56 The Tascam has two blue ears now
42:53 Opening & closing gloves on your ears, going slower and slower until the end!

Thanks for watching!

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Good night!

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