Miyu Red Tingles ASMR
Published 10 months ago

Hiya 😊
Not much to day today actually. Having a lot of work at my uni but it's fun! It really is an amazing feeling when you actually get something done during the day, even if it's just grocery shopping or making an appointment or whatever. But the best feeling is when you set yourself a goal and you go straight to making it happen. You could compare this feeling to when you have finished a nice cardio exercise and you are lying down on the floor all sweaty but you feel amazing and powerful because you did something 😄 so I defenitely recommend 🌸

Here is a small sound assortment. Also the reason I do not upload many 5 min asmr vids is because I want them to be perfect and to make them when I feel very creative with sounds so I can take as much as I can from one item aaaand right now not really having mind for it xd - on weekends maybe! But I really wanted to record something for you today so here is the video 🌞

Good nighties! And stay positive ^^


asmr fast aggressive hand sounds hand movements scratching shirt skin tap tapping relax sleep tingle you will tingle layered crinkle crackle sound assortment whisper brush haircut

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