SouthernASMR Sounds Video Sketch Pad ~ New Character(?)

SouthernASMR Sounds
Published 3 years ago

I had an idea for a new character. Her name is Poppy. She's not based on anybody I know. She's just an idea that popped into my head a couple weeks ago. A LOT of young people in my area talk like her. Funky mongrelized Valley Girl "accent" and all. I've overheard hundreds of conversations in coffee shops and restaurants that sound like this. Please overlook the crappiness of this roleplay. It's just a rough sketch of the character. I don't know that I'll ever do anything with her, though I'd welcome your thoughts. I enjoy her "I'm so proud of myself yet I have no reason to be" personality. I love the way she talks. If nothing else, I can use Poppy to irritate my kids from time to time. :)

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