Turning You Into a Vampire 🦇 Layered Sounds 🧛‍♀️ ASMR Personal Attention Roleplay

ASMR Claire
Published 4 years ago

Hi guys! My new "Asmr Vampire Roleplay" is actually a "ASMR Personal Attention Roleplay" but with a bloody twist 😉
Don't worry The Vampire will be very sweet for you and will make sure you will completely relax, before she bites your neck 😱
She will give you an asmr ear massage, brush your hair and pamper you in may ways...
💋 Claire

Fire sounds found here: https://www.pond5.com/fr/sound-effect/8746947/feu-feu-de-camp.html

#ASMR #positiveaffirmations #shhhh


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