ASMR - Eating Nerds Rope - Soft Talking, Crinkles, Eating

Addie Henson - ASMR Witch
Published 1 year ago

It's holiday Nerds Rope so I think it counts toward 12 Days of Christmas... :) It's one of my favorite candies and I'm sick so I hope you all can forgive my selfishness. I'm pretty sure I missed one day (if not more) for 13 Days of Yule and I apologize for that, too. Next year I'll get it! Pretty sure I'll be taking Christmas Day off to rest, but we will see. I'm wishing you all a wonderful holiday~

Soft talking
Crinkling (there are some good crinkles, my fave)
Pulling apart
Sticky tape
Rubbing Nerds together (this noise + tapping the nerds felt like it was inside my head, curious to see if that was a strong one for anyone else)
Mouth sounds


I'm an amateur, learning witch! Any advice/spells/etc. are taken at your own risk, I am not responsible in any way. I am not responsible for any links provided.


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