You Asked For Them: 3D Binaural Role Play Props Sound Assortment For Relaxation (ASMR)

Heather Feather ASMR
Published 8 years ago

Hello everyone! This Binaural (3D) ASMR video features: counting, soft speaking, ear to ear whispering, blood pressure pump sounds, tapping, scratching, crinkling, some page flipping, glass/plastic/beads sounds, and pointer action. I took props that you really only see me use in my role plays, and brought them out to explore more for your listening pleasure (as per many requests). I also included three little hints at the end about three different upcoming role plays. I hope this works for you, I want ALL your tingles! Thank you so much for watching. Happy Viewing!

For those who need a quick fix:
0:54-12:45 Mouth Model with Pick, Scaler, and Toothbrush
13:12-19:27 Giant Candy Buttons
19:44-24:11 Giant Swirly Lollipop
24:24-32:12 Counter Top and Laminate and Wood Flooring Samples
32:24-37:03 Beaded Headdress
37:23-39:42 Wooden Mallet "Testing Your Reflexes"
39:58-45:00 Blood Pressure Cuff
45:25- 56:20 "Hardcore" Binder: Pointing to Pictures
57:02-57:57 Ventilation Tube (Is that right?)
58:05-59:24 Glass Test Tubes with Rubber Stoppers
59:29-59:47 Scissors

Microphone I use: Free Space Pro - Binaural Microphone

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