The Whisperer - Conceptual comic / film villain - Experimental Improvised ASMR Performance

Ephemeral Rift
Published 9 years ago

"You've seen what the clown can do. You've had your reckoning. I bet you've never met anyone quite like me."

"The Whisperer is the latest and deadliest criminal to strike fear into the heart of Gotham City". Or at least, so sayeth me.

So if The Whisperer was a movie about this character, this would be the trailer. So it's also my first attempt at creating a trailer too.


Someone (I hope you know who you are, because I forgot, and if this ever turns into a movie character, I'll be sending you a check) had mentioned on my Get To Know Me Whisper Tag video how I could be a villain of some sort. Ever since that comment was made it's been floating around in my head. Fast forward to the night of this video(9/6/12) and I had this plain white mask in hand along with my hoodie with the intent of doing another experimental ASMR video. Next thing I know I'm grabbing a knife, sharpies to color the mask, and the rest is history.

I decided to turn this into a Batman villain. Just for kicks. But I think "The Whisperer" character could be a legit horror film villain, not just specifically for comic books. Now all I need is someone that can write a script and direct...




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