ASMR Testing you for ADHD But I'm a Clumsy Doctor| Accent, Follow My Instruction

TingleStorm ASMR
Published 5 days ago

In this ASMR Role Play video I'll be Testing you for ADHD... But I'm a Clumsy Doctor, with a heavy Italian accent. I hope this won't distract you 'cause I need you to focus, follow my instructions, go through an otoscope inspection, ear and eye tests to test your vision and hearing. Do what I say at the best of your ability and just enjoy this asmr medical roleplay, along with my clumsiness.
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Time Stamps:
00:00 Questionnaire and Keyboard typing
05:48 Otoscope Ear Inspection
07:44 Otoscope Eye Inspection
08:52 Follow the light
10:08 Focus on the light, layered sounds
11:36 Follow my Instruction Warm Light and Cold Light
13:29 Covering eyes, find the light
14:26 Guess the asmr trigger, eyes covered
20:30 Focus on colors
26:22 Repeat what I whisper in your ears
28:10 Repeat numbers, layered sounds
29:29 She sells seashells by the seashore
30:52 Final bits, please comment, like, subscribe

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