ASMR Bubble Wrap Microphones ~ Crinkles, Soft Spoken and Whispered ~

Published 4 years ago

ASMR Bubble Wrap Covered Microphones with gentle crinkles, shaving cream, paint, soft spoken in the beginning then whispering to the end.

Hi there! This is an experiment I've wanted to try it for a bit. :) My main focus was for the sounds of this video to be light and gentle and I think I have achieved it. :-) Crinkle lovers enjoy! - ASMR Crinkle - ASMR Brushing

~~🍂 Time Stamps 🍂~~
0:00-16:33 Brushing bubble wrap microphones
16:34-23:44 Shaving cream on microphones
23:45-End Painting microphones

~~🍂 Equipment & Products Used 🍂~~ - nail polish Sally Hansen "minted metal" - canon 70d with 18-135mm lens - zoom h6 recorder - audio technica at2035 microphones

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