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Published 8 years ago

Hi guys,
Let's listen and learn about Bach's music today. I hope you will find it relaxing and informative, as asual. Let me know if you would like more videos about music, I have a passion for German baroque, classical and romantic composers.

Musical credits by order of appearance:

- Cello Suite No.1 (prelude), BWV 1007, Mischa Maisky
- Brandenburg Concerto No.3 (Allegro), BWV 1048, Apollo's Fire
- Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (Fugue), BWV 565, Alexander Gavrylyuk
- Aria "on the G-String" from the 3rd Orchestral Suite, BWV 1068, Orquestra Pianissimo

All musical credits go to the recording artists and the recordings in this video can be found on youtube. This video and all other videos of this channel are not monetized, and do not generate any direct or indirect income for me, the content provider.


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