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Tingle Dove
Published 4 years ago

I really think this is worth a shot. Read on for more info!

I don't think it surprises anyone when I tell them that YouTube has gotten entirely out of hand with demonetizing videos and black listing entire channels. It has only gotten worse as the days go by.

Maple ASMR recently had over 100 videos demonetized overnight! Other creators are finding that videos are being demonetized before the video is even finished fully uploading to YouTube. This is absolutely, and unfairly, murdering content creators and we need to do something about it.

Instead of calling your videos "ASMR", we'll start calling them AVRIC (Audio Visual Relaxation Inducing Content). This isn't meant to be the perfect long-term solution and it's not meant to stick around forever, but it is to at least protect us in the moment from ridiculous batch-demonetization.

Please spread the word and let's all try to get this new term to stick so that your favorite ASMR content creators can continue making videos and getting the support they need. We need to stick together and protect ASMR. 💝


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