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Published 4 years ago

What’s up everybody!

I had been at six flags all day during this and was extremely tired so if this sounds weird that’s why 😂 enjoy!

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Instagram (other): @aphroditoxic
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(I don’t use other public social media)

Contact me through Instagram (any, but preferably not @fortypm) for a custom video!

ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) is a collection of soft/relaxing noises and motions that can either serve to relax someone, help them fall asleep, or give them a tingling sensation. YouTube is an important platform for ASMR as ASMR content creators can use both audio and video triggers, the content is simple to upload, and profit can be made from the content. If you are uncomfortable with ASMR, please don’t watch!

I used to be a dance moms video editor, so most of my early uploads are dance related. Additionally, YouTube won’t let me change my background photo, so it remains as Brynn Rumfallo in her dance ‘Breathe’, which can be found on YouTube. After being a dance mom YouTuber, I was briefly a Booktuber. I still have a love for books and will upload book related videos, but I do not film Booktube videos as of right now.


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