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Published 3 years ago

Good evening, my loves! If you're reading this, you're probably into some good Creepypastas like me! Read straight from the motherlode of spoopy stories, Reddit, I hope I can do this one some justice!

“Borrasca” was rated “Scariest Story 2015” on Reddit. It is a very long creepypasta, comprised of four main parts and an epilogue that was written some time afterwards. It's incredibly disturbing, and incredibly interesting. I'll be reading each part by itself since they are so long.

You can follow along or read it yourself on the r/nosleep at

This is not my story, and I do not take credit for it. It is written by c.k. walker and was posted on Reddit under the user name “The_Dalek_Emperor”.

Royalty free image from Pixabay from user simonwijers.

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