Jennemotion ASMR
Published 7 years ago

Dear friends,
I did a new asmr makeup video with a little more in it - so it's a whole styling for a female person with hair dressing, makeup und even a dress in the end. I hope this kind of soft spoekn asmr makeup video is also relaxing for you.

The makeup video is with some closeup whispering, but basically soft spoken and you are getting a lot of different makeup items in your face to perfectly style you :). The focus here is on soft spoken closeups and on working on you.

I'm also working on your hair with hair brushing sounds and I'm using a nice styling spray to fix your hair style and shine boost it.

Please tell me in the comments how you find this asmr makeup video so I can improve my work for you, when I know what you feel comfortable and relaxed with :).

Thanks and much love,


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