ASMR Nurse Lice Check Role Play ~ Binaural, Gloves, Soapy Hands, Hair Brushing, Fabric Sounds ~

Published 4 years ago

ASMR Binaural Nurse Lice Check Role Play with whispering, latex gloves, soapy squishy hands, hair brushing/combing and fabric sounds.

It's back to school time so I figured this was an appropriate role play. :) I had lice when I was a kid, and I remember going through those yearly lice check ups. They were always so relaxing and tingly!

~~🍂 Time Stamps 🍂~~
0:00-3:46 - Introduction, asking you some questions
3:47-11:40 - Putting on latex gloves, looking through hair for lice, binaural hair sounds, tweezers
11:41-19:37 - Soapy hands, lathering up hair
19:38-27:01 Combing through hair
27:02-End Drying hair, towel folding sounds

~~🍂 Equipment Used 🍂~~ - canon 6d camera - canon 35mm lens - zoom h6 recorder - 3dio free space microphone

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