ASMR | Tasty Treats Unboxing WITH A SPECIAL GUEST ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ˜Š

The White Rabbit ASMR
Published 5 years ago


This is my Pepu. He's the one that pushed me to get back into ASMR and bought me my first microphone and the camera that I use today. We all love him, yes? (But I do more.) ๐Ÿ˜Š

Enjoy this delicious Tasty Treats unboxing video! Click here to get your hands on some international snacks and enjoy a 15% discount! Use the code "THEWHITERABBITASMR" (without the quotation marks) @



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As someone who regularly uses ASMR videos to cope with anxiety or sleep, I can understand that turning to a comforting presence online can help tremendously. This is why I have partnered with Betterhelp - because relying solely on these videos may not be enough, sometimes.
If you or someone you know struggles with mental health, I encourage you to seek the appropriate measures to help. Click the link to be redirected to Betterhelp, an online counselling platform which will match you to a therapist best suited for your needs:


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Regardless of contributions, I will continue making these videos. They're just too fun and it's so rewarding getting to connect with you guys! However if you feel the need to give back, (especially to help out with equipment and props) I would be forever grateful! Any and all donations will go towards building the channel, and help with funding will allow me to expedite the process. โ™ฅ


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