TryTreats Japanese Candy Unboxing (ASMR whisper, eating and packaging sounds)

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Published 8 years ago

Thanks to for providing me with this box to share with you guys!
My nail polish in this video is Nicole by OPI "Love Song" with Sally Hansen "Blue Frosting" on top.
Fun fact: I had to cut out a solid two minutes of footage where I was chewing through that cola nougat. It was SO CHEWY. I barely made it through. But while I was editing it I started craving that weird texture.... and I ate all of the rest of them. Heh! Now that I've eaten all of them I think I know what gives them that cold/bubbly sensation, they seem to have the same thing in them that makes throat lozenges and cough drops clear your sinuses and make your mouth all cold. It's very unique!

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