LUSHious Bath Time ASMR + Slow Mo + Underwater Cam - [Bath Bombs, Bath Gloves, Bath Salts, & More]

Published 5 years ago

Hello, my friends and fellow Tingleheads! Today's video is all about one of my favorite things: BATHTIME! In it, I share with you several bathtime items that I find particularly tingly and enjoyable, and demonstrate their uses an aquarium full of water! I used three cameras to shoot this video, so it features multiple views, including a camera submerged in the water!
Just a reminder - I am not in my usual shooting environment as I am currently traveling, so this video will look and sound slightly different than usual, but I will always do my best to create the most relaxing audio and visual experience possible!

Trigger Sections:
4:00 Bath Bombs
21:28 Bath Gloves
26:39 Shower Jelly
36:38 Bath Salts
42:20 Body Scrub
50:01 Body Soufflé

This is not a sponsored video, but if you are interested in any of the products I talk about in this video you can find them at the links below:

Lush "Experimenter" bath bomb:

Lush "Dragon Egg" Bath bomb:

Shower gloves:

Lush shower Gellie:

Lush salt scrub:

Bath salts:

Body souffle:

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Common triggers included: ear-to-ear, 3D sound

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