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Published 5 years ago

Hi, thank you for the great questions! :) Here's a quick time link directory for each question:
01:25 -" What are some of the creative obstacles you encounter? Artists' block, low motivation, etc..." by t3ripley
04:40 -"Some of your viewers including myself claim that only your older videos are ASMR inducing. How would you comment on that?..." by magda_polish
08:23 -"Will you consider doing meet-and-greets?" by Angela Mababangloob
10:49 -"What is your purpose or mission in life?" by Maria Reveron
14:00 -"What makes you happy?" by Julianna Giovannetti
17:00 -"Do you watch any other YouTubers? Besides asmrtists?" by Emma Oravec
by Melissa Anthony: 18:20 -"What's your version of a perfect pizza?" 19:27 -"What type of music do you listen to?" 22:34 -"What's your favorite book? What is it about?" (link to the book I mention http://amzn.to/2dZb7pl) 25:50 -"Do you like rainy days or snowy days more?"
26:50 -"...how do you see the global internet community reacting to ASMR...? How do you think ASMR can make that transition?..." by Justin Francis
32:52 -"Aren't you getting sleepy while editing your own videos?..." by Asmr Zeitgeist
34:00 -"Why do you think you stand out from all of the other ASMRtists on YouTube?... What makes you original?" by Julia Haviland
36:00 -"What was it like transitioning into the US?... What was the strangest thing about the US for you?..." by Brittany Lawrence
40:10 -"What are your favorite meals at home? What are your favorite restaurants? (41:42) How do you stay in shape? (42:57)" by Julie Cosentino
46:01 -"The practice of relaxation is something that is very close to a spiritual philosophy, so one might ask me if you also do meditation, Yoga, thetaHealing or if you read books on spirituality." by Anthony Sky
48:09 -"When you go back to visit Russia what's some of your favorite things to do and places there?" by Leashy Yami No Tenshi
50:18 -"...And where would you like to travel to if money was no option?.. What is your 5 year plan? (53:00)" by Carey Barrett
57:56 -"Do you like horror movies? If so. Which are your favorite?" by Huub Bakker
59:22 -"Do you find it increasingly difficult to provide unique content, owing to the huge success of you and several other ASMR artist?" by Simon Smith
1:00:54 -"...Are there any plans to start a Patreon?" by Tom Keely
1:03:20 -"What is a happy memory you have from first being in America? What is something you didn't expect to miss so much from Russia? (1:05:20)" by Erin Roche
1:09:06 - about Tyson, and my favorite animal.
1:10:50 - veganism and vegetarian lifestyle
1:12:22 -"...What percentage of your day or week do you live in English? Is there still any Russian in your routine? ..." by Radek Piskorski
1:15:04 - about fame
1:16:38 - bath or shower
1:16:54 - pajamas or sleep gown
1:17:47 - who drives?
1:17:57 - do you cook everyday?
1:18:34 - goodbyes and soft touches on your beautiful face ♥
Thank you for your questions, I appreciate your time! :)

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Disclaimer: ***- This video is created for relaxation, entertainment and ASMR/tingles/chills inducing purposes only. For more information about ASMR phenomenon please click here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autonomous_sensory_meridian_response
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