ASMR ♡ tattooing you roleplay (brazilian portuguese)

nordlys ASMR
Published 4 years ago

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hellooo!! here's another roleplay for u guys and i hope u like it! im a tattoo apprentice so i thought it would be a fun idea to record a tattoo studio thingy roleplay! unfortunately i dnt have a green backdrop yet so pretend thats not.. like.. my bed.. in the background LOL. i had to lower the volume in some parts of the video bc the tattoo gun was so loud and it didnt rly notice that when i recorded it. hope its not too low tho, cuz i thought the sound might be kinda relaxing and give u some tingles!!!! ANYWAY.. let me know if u liked this video? i can record another one in english if u liked it :-). HAVE A GREAT WEEK U GUYS!!!!!!!! and dnt forget to like and subscribe if u like my content! THANKS A BUNCH xx っゝω・)っ~❤

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