ASMR - EARBUG ~ Caring Friend Gone Wrong | Invaded by Alien Ear Bugs! ~

Seafoam Kitten's ASMR
Published 3 years ago

WARNING: This is a creepy asmr, and if bugs in your ear creeps you out you better run now! Thank you Jed for this commission and really cool video idea ^.^
In this video you are meeting a good friend for some coffee. You learn that there is a strange sort of 'alien invasion' happening but you are skeptical. The next day you meet with your friend again but she is acting very different and strange...

0:00 - Soft spoken chatting and mug tapping, sipping
1:15 - Crunchy eating
4:10 - Face & hair stroking, whisper positive affirmations
7:28 - Next day, your friend is different...
10:46 - The drug is taking effect
11:16 - Tied up in a dark place, "positive affirmations"
13:21 - Inserting ear bug, right side (mouth sounds + tongue wiggles)
15:36 - Inserting ear bug left side, layered mouth sounds
17:00 - You've been infected!

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#ASMR #spooky #softspoken #affirmations #mouthsounds


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